Small but mighty. Daring but reliable. Confident but modest.  

Colleen Fischer

A traditional PR practitioner turned early adopter of Social Media, Colleen specializes in witty content and bold strategy. Years of experience in travel, non-profit, and hospitality brand communication have led to a passion for storytelling. Her role at Genius House ranges from producer, writer, content creator, and production assistant. She also handles client-facing responsibilities including business development. On a personal level, Colleen is a dog lover, beer drinking camping fan, who is also scared of dogs, enjoys fancy meals with wine pairings, and shopping. Most of all, she enjoys running Genius House Media by her husband, Adam’s side.

Adam Fischer

Adam’s passion for film began as a child, grew as a student, and initially became a career managing a production team in the medical education field. This journey led to the birth of Genius House Media, where his business sense, communication skills and creative storytelling set the company apart. Adam has a keen eye for visual composition and enjoys a hands-on approach behind the lens whenever possible. He insists on going above and beyond for every project, client and production. Adam is a down to earth and fun loving guy that loves to travel with his wife/ business partner, Colleen.

Shawn Tubre

Shawn has been in the media industry for more years than he really likes to say. Let’s just put it this way, he cut his first college film on a Steenbeck (look it up). Through the years he has worked on an incredible variety of projects, from Films to Music Videos to Monster Truck Commercials, you know Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. He’s done in all. Shawn really enjoys working in the media industry and considers himself a jack of many trades and a master of a few. When he’s not busy making visual art, you can find him on his bicycle. In fact his love of cycling has grown into a bit of an obsession, just ask his lovely wife and two beautiful daughters. If he’s not driving his daughters to cheer or gymnastics or soccer or basketball, or watching his wife at a run, then he’s on one of his six bikes. So yeah, he loves bikes.

Rick Anderson

Rick brings 20 years of experience to the Genius House team. While his primary career focus has been animated productions, he has supported filming and editing on projects throughout the United States and in Europe. Rick began as a Genius House contractor on multiple motion graphics projects, but his talents, passion and client-first approach led him to a full time position with the company. Rick has been happily married for 18 years and is amazed every day by both of his nearly adult children. Year round outdoor grilling or smoking a brisket, as well as movie watching are his leisure activities of choice. 

The Genius House Rules

Work Hard.
Laugh harder.
Go above and beyond every expectation.
We are not actual geniuses, but we can strive to be.
Keep it uncomplicated.

our clients

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