Accomplishments & F-ups

When you have a busy week, it can be easy to keep plugging away, checking things off the list and moving forward. However, we find that it’s useful to stop and look back at what we did well, and what we messed up. Here’s a peak inside the Genius House and the not-actual-genius house:

Accomplishments (Bragging)

  • We turned around an urgent video project. Scouting, pre-production meetings, filming and post-production on a two-minute video was completed in a week so it could be used in a client presentation.
  • Product video editing: We previously shot 15 different boot products on a rotating platform in the studio with a white cyc background. This week we added graphic call-outs that highlight features so it can be used to increase online sales.
  • We launched a social media campaign that included two Buzzfeed-style, humorous videos . This required a lot of social media marketing and video collaboration. It also required a lot of laughter which did not suck.
  • Round one of a holiday video was delivered to our client after a month of advanced editing. We are so excited about this video that integrates cartoon-like motion graphics into a live video shoot along with footage that we had previously captured for this client last Christmas.
  • We compiled and presented a social media analytics report for the month of August.
  • We wrote a month of social media content for an apparel client. We scheduled a mix of original and curated content, with an emphasis on simple, yet creative imagery.
  • We did a location scout for a company’s upcoming internal video shoot. This initial preparation step is vital to a smooth and successful production.
  • We filmed a nonprofit Dallas arts video for the upcoming North Texas Giving Day.
  • We increased our services for a travel industry social media client. In addition to writing a week of social media content, we created graphics and copy and launched a month-long targeted Facebook ad campaign.




Lessons Learned (Not Bragging)

  • We thought August would be slower and there would be time for some operational tasks. August is now over. We should be prepared to always be busy.
  • Due to time constraints, we skipped the step of compiling a detailed video shot list with our client and this resulted in having to schedule an additional half-day shoot. Schedules and budgets allowed for this, but it was a lesson in the challenges of tight deadlines.
  • This blog post is pretty boring so I promise not to make the “Week in Review” a weekly thing.


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