Allow us to Brag via Blog?

A recent article in the New York Times highlights the Land’s End “emotional advertising” campaign targeting white-collar workers through video and print ads. It is an interesting look at the brand’s approach to market dress shirts as “workwear,” a term which is typically tied to uniforms and blue-collar workers. Essentially the campaign romanticizes the buttoned up office guy by capturing ambitious entrepreneurial types in a documentary style campaign. Interesting.
Even more interesting in a Genius House Media self-serving way, is the opening paragraph of the article, which links to two videos produced by our very own Adam Fischer for Dickies Workwear and Apparel. Sorry to turn this from blog post to brag post, but being referenced in the New York Times is a true honor for our Executive Producer. Not only did these videos capture an essence of pride in the hard-working man, but they captured the attention and respect of prominent advertising executives and clothing companies. More interesting (to us).
Genius House is a new shop and we are certainly trying to prove ourselves, but there is another simple reason we can justify boasting and posting about this story. We stumbled upon it by accident. It was not pitched to anyone in Media & Advertising with the New York Times (not by us anyway). A contact mentioned the coverage and we came across the video links that were just magically there, encouraging, validating and confirming that we are damn good at what we do. Ok now it’s just straight bragging.

Lands’ End Ad Campaign for Dress Shirts Salutes White-Collar Workers

Published: September 15, 2013

ADVERTISING for work clothes often features tradesmen, like recent marketing videos by Dickies showing workers outfitted in its clothing while forging knives and building hot rods, to highlight durability and fire-resistance. Now Lands’ End, a 50-year-old brand, is taking the unusual approach of promoting men’s dress shirts as work wear for jobs where the work is white-collar.

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