Instagram Launches Long Form Video Platform IGTV

Hey YouTube, your newest competition has arrived. Instagram has just announced a long-form video addition to their platform, dubbed IGTV. The feature has launched as a tab within the Instagram app, and is also available as its own app.IMG_E0979D20776D-1

Instagram previously only allowed users to post videos up to 60 seconds long, but IGTV has now increased that to 60 minutes. This change is an obvious play to attract YouTube users and influencers to solely focus on Instagram instead. This comes on the heels of the growing frustrations from influencers of late with YouTube’s recent changes to their advertising revenue model, making it more difficult to monetize their accounts.

A difference at the moment between IGTV and YouTube is that Instagram will not yet include advertising on the platform, making it impossible for users to monetize their videos at this point in time. Their initial focus is solely on engagement. Instagram videos will also be played in a vertical format, making them mobile-user friendly.

As a digital video production company, it’s refreshing to see growth opportunities for longer content presented in an innovative and consumable format. For years the strong focus has been on micro-content for short attention spans, which can leave creative story arcs and beautiful details left on the cutting room floor. While we expect the short quick to engage video trend to stay, the IGTV platform gives longer content a home, even if it is briefly.

We set up our channel, which took about 3 seconds. What kind of long-form video would you like to see from Genius House Media? Parodies? More behind the scenes video? Happy hour with Adam? We shall see:


Video editing department adds two decades of experience with Shawn Tubre

Fort Worth, Texas, FEBRUARY 8th, 2018 – Fort Worth-based video production company Genius House Media added 20 years of editing experience to its team with the recent addition of Shawn Tubre as Editor. Tubre, whose portfolio includes projects airing on ESPN, Fox Sports, and The History Channel, will help Genius House Media clients envision the power of delivering their messages through impactful video and bring their message to life with creative, world-class editing.

“This is an exciting time for Genius House Media,” said Colleen Fischer, Partner. “Adding someone with Shawn’s expertise and experience will enhance our reputation in the market. Shawn’s editing is well known in the Metroplex and beyond, and we are excited to put him to work for our clients.”

Tubre, of Fort Worth will continue to build upon his portfolio of national commercials and digital content while at Genius House. The move will also bring Tubre closer to home, allowing the avid cyclist to fulfill a dream of biking to work.

Shawn Tubre, newest team member at Genius House Media

Shawn Tubre, newest team member at Genius House Media

“Genius House Media was the perfect move for me for a number of reasons,” said Tubre. “They have the ‘client first’ mentality of a small firm, but offer a client base with a national presence. The organization is growing quickly, and I wanted to be a part of that.”

Added Tubre, “Editing unique projects is what I love to do, and I’m beyond excited to be doing that in Fort Worth with Genius House.”

Since 2014, the boutique video production company has grown to four full-time positions to the benefit of its client portfolio which includes regional and national brands such as the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Dickies, Facebook, and U.S. Polo Association. Just a few years removed from start-up as a husband/wife team, Genius House Media also expanded in creative space in 2016, moving to an office in the Historic Southside.


About Genius House

Genius House is a digital media-minded video production company that produces multi-purpose, high quality digital videos. Genius House specializes in creating marketing content for the social web and delivering the best return on investment for clients and partners. For more information, visit

Hiring Video Editor

The ideal candidate must be an organized, detailed-driven individual that has a passion for helping businesses tell their story through creative video projects. The candidate will work with the Video Director and team to deliver video content for multiple clients. The candidate should have 3-5 years of experience and a portfolio demonstrating strong skills in video editing. Experience as camera operator is a plus. Position may require occasional travel. A stellar attitude is required.

3-5 years’ experience using Final Cut or Premiere
Photoshop capabilities
Ability to balance multiple projects at a single time
Strong creative skills and ability to communicate visual ideas effectively
Ability to design in a manner that is both visually stunning and communicative
Ability to scope work and provide accurate time estimates
Strong understanding of the creative process and ability to execute an idea from a blank canvas to a finished product
Ability to work in a team environment

Bachelor’s preferred but not required

About Us : Genius House Media is a video production company that specializes in social/ digital/ online content for businesses. We are a small but mighty team that is always up for adventure, hard work and FUN. Email with your resume and work samples to apply. 

Four Years of Genius House – An Interview with Adam

In celebration of Genius House’s 4th year in business, here’s a brief Q&A with Partner, Video Director & Janitor, Adam Fischer.

 What has surprised you about business ownership?

It sounds cliché, but the main thing that has surprised me is how much I care about the business. Some call it passion and Colleen calls it perfectionism, but I just know that it’s impossible for me to deliver sub par work and shrug it off. I had no idea going into this that I had this “quality” and that it’s not something you can shut off. Ever.

What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time to August 6th, 2013? 

Be prepared to be unprepared and enjoy it when you are not busy, because you are going to be busy. Also, get organized because you’ll never have a clean slate again.  


Looking back over the last four years, what is your proudest Genius House moment?
I don’t think I can name one because there are things happening all the time that I’m proud of. Repeat customers always make me proud, as do referrals from current and past clients. When the team works their asses off to complete a challenging production or tight deadline, that’s always an incredibly proud moment.


Who do you look up to and what companies inspire you? 
There are a lot of production companies and talented freelancers out there, so I’m inspired by the ones that have been around for a while and have navigated the industry for 10+ years and are still rolling along. Every time I see another team produce something awesome and I’m like “damn thats good, good for them,” and then I’m immediately like “how do we do that even better?” 


What has changed about Genius House in the last 4 years? 
We started from the bottom now we’re here. (Still at the bottom but with a larger team and nicer gear). Really not a lot has drastically changed. Our work has certainly improved and we have more long-term clients, but we are still the scrappy, enthusiastic, small and mighty shop we were on day one. 


What is your proudest video Genius House Media has produced? 
I like a lot of our videos, but I still think the Hama Hama Oyster Farm vignette we shot for Xtratuf Boots is my favorite. It’s gritty and raw and it fits the brand perfectly. What makes it stand out to me is not just the finished product, but knowing what it took to get there, the conditions we filmed in, the hours we worked. That’s really what I love about this business. Every shoot is different, something always goes wrong, and there is always a new challenge to tackle. No matter how much we learn, there is always room to grow. It just never gets boring.  


What do you see for the future of Genius House? 
I think it’s a great time to be in the digital video content and I don’t see that slowing down anytime soon. I’d like to do more 360 content that is more immersive and incorporates motion graphics with video. I want to continue to expand our content capabilities. Some crews are one trick ponies but we can do a lot of things at a high level from “about us” interviews, to aerial videos, to product videos, to motion graphics explainer videos and I love that about our team. So I just want to continue to learn trends and styles and roll with the changes in the industry.

Innovation as a Video Production Company

You know when you find a quote that just speaks to you, and you think “I should either tattoo this across my chest or maybe apply it to my business?” That happened recently with this one:

“Innovation is solving a problem before your competitors realize it exists.”

First off, apologies for the lack of citation, as I cannot remember which tweet, business book, or inspirational LinkedIn post included something along the lines of that wisdom. All I know is that the thought hasn’t left my head for a month or so. I made the decision not to permanently ink it on my body, but instead we have been asking/ considering/ discussing the following thoughts constantly:

  • Is Genius House innovative or are we just like every video production company?
  • What pain points do our customers face that we do/ can help solve?
  • What problems will exist for brands regarding video content in the future?
  • What companies/ industries currently have little content and why? Will they be ready to tell their story down the road?

The essence of Genius House is a social media/ digital-minded company, so we naturally try to keep content fresh, story-driven and consumable. Right now this means short, compelling, subtly branded video. It also means product videos that highlight features quickly and animated videos that help communicate complicated messages and make them memorable. In this sense, we are doing what many other production companies do, but we also understand that as the web becomes a more video-centric space, video content needs are growing exponentially. Our customers and potential clients not only need high-quality content, but will continue to need larger and larger quantities of it. This need is going to increase as platforms grow and audiences become more picky, distracted and savvy. Brands are vying for attention, and video is the ideal way to spend quality time in front of current customers and win over prospects.

When our clients ask for a simple “About Us” video, we look at a day or two of filming as an opportunity to complete their top priority project, and also to find other content opportunities. The thought is: Let’s get this 90 second general video knocked out beautifully for you, but let’s also create some short beautiful pieces for your social media platforms. So, being generally digital-minded, and ROI- focused are differentiators for our company, but the question is what are the future video pain points that we can help solve?

We believe there will be opportunities for live streaming, virtual reality applications, social video strategy consultation, and building robust libraries of video content for companies. Maybe even longer form video if you can imagine that. We feel that keeping partnerships and agreements simple and fair will allow us to do what we do best, create tons of awesome videos rather than deal with copyright issues and expenses. In the future, brands will need a partner they can lean on to help them continuously tell their story, in a creative, uncomplicated way without spending a fortune. There are a number of B2C brands doing this well, sharing their ethical standards, employee culture, and surprising and delighting customers on screen. In the future, we will see a lot more creativity coming from the B2B space, with video styled in a more personal and authentic way. This will be an exciting time for software, construction, and financial industry marketers who are ready to do some out of the box thinking.

Long story short, we are working on tactics to become a long term super valuable partner, rather than a one off vendor. I am not saying we’re trying to “disrupt” the video production industry, but we are working on solutions to make it simpler for clients to get exactly what they need.


Genius House Debriefing

Does your inner child giggle when you hear news of a White House debriefing? I can’t be the only with momentary visions of a politician getting pantsed, right?

In the case of this blog post, debriefing is meant as a report after the completion of activities. It’s been a busy month or so for Genius House, with a viral video success story, soaking in the SXSW Interactive experience, and an ambitious broadcast commercial shoot. Since we love to tell stories, here’s the lowdown on what we have been up to.

Dallas Symphony Viral Video + Student Presentation

Shooting something out of the ordinary, a bit daring and amusing is just plain fun. Seeing the views escalate and news coverage expand after it has been published is even better. Having a long term client that trusts your judgement and is overjoyed with the results is the absolute best.

The nature of the orchestra and many highly regarded musicians is generally reserved. Fortunately, the distinguished Dallas Symphony decided to break the mold and have some fun by gathering a small group to perform carpool karaoke while cruising the Arts District in a rented SUV. Our crew had limited time to film, so there was a lot of pre-production thought into gearing up the car before taking off, with Adam hidden in the back monitoring audio, and me driving while Darren filming as we followed the Escalade. It turns out, these performers can nail Vivaldi as well as Journey, even when squished into a small space with instruments and little elbow room. And it turns out, people loved seeing it happen:

The results (as of today) provided by DSO:

  • Facebook: Total views: 65,245 | Total people reached: 146,905 | Engagement: 3,928 (includes comments, likes, reactions, shares)
  • YouTube Views: 6,529
  • Twitter: Likes: 47 | Retweets: 39 | Impressions (reach): 4,696
  • Media Coverage: 12 Outlets

The other cool part of this story was that DSO published the carpool karaoke video on a morning that we were speaking to a college class about video production in the digital age. Our presentation originally covered the basics of the video production process, thoughts on trends for 2017, etc, but we realized that this was an ideal opportunity to share a “live” case study as we watched the numbers grow on the Dallas Symphony Facebook page. Not surprisingly, this was super engaging for today’s generation of students and resulted in a great discussion.


Per usual, the South by Southwest Conference was a blend of inspirational sessions, networking, parties, thought provoking panels, parties, and compelling keynotes. A few valuable takeaways:

  • Facebook video is the most underpriced marketing tactic today, according to Gary Vaynerchuk. He knows his shit, so I would just go ahead and mark that under fact. He explained that the ability to target location, wealth, etc is an incredible resource, and that “creative is the variable to success.” In addition to his usual brutal honesty, passionate tips and f-bombs, Gary advised that brands should act like a media company instead of an advertiser, and simply be entertaining.
  • The keynote talk from Cory Richards was a personal journey including emotional battles, physical challenges, and deep lessons that have led him to where he is today. He is an adventurer and renowned photographer who’s images help the public to engage with the natural world and even incite social change. He is also is known for documenting a Mount Everest climb via Snapchat, which received 2 billion media impressions. His openness and authenticity about mental health was moving with one quote that stuck with me personally and professionally:

“People connect when you not only share the beautiful, but also the real.”

  • On the technical side, 360-degree video, virtual reality, augmented reality and live video were widely discussed, which had us pondering the application of these trends for our business. Genius House offers these innovative video production services, but we are always working on how to find simple solutions to future challenges that clients will face. This is where the thought provoking benefits of attending SXSW come in. This discussion continues as we follow the advice of Gary Vee and listen, focus on the long run, and F’ING EXECUTE.

The Ambitious (and Ass Kicking) Shoot

This part of the blog post is outright bragging about the agility and hustle of our small and mighty production team. You’ve been warned. Most recently, we have been working on a tight deadline for three broadcast commercials for an apparel brand and affiliated sports organization. Filming took place over 3 days in West Palm Beach Florida, included models, animals, amateur athlete interviews, outdoor environments, wardrobe changes, hair and makeup, a barn setting, a family owned business during operation, a wary interview subject, sunrise shots, live sports footage, aerials and probably much more. (See some behind the scenes documented on our Instagram.) Filming ended approximately a week ago, and today we received final approval on all three cuts. For those not in the industry, that is lightning fast turnaround. Not once did we think this project was impossible, but it took every ounce of energy on location, grinding out edits and revisions while maintaining our dedication to high quality work. So, cheers to us, and thanks for reading about our accomplishments. If you’ve made it this far, you are probably friends or family, so P.S… love you!

…Now that you are de-briefed, pull your pants up you weirdo.  


Steps to Hiring and Working with a Video Production Company

While every project is different, it’s important for a production company’s clients to have a grasp of the general workflow from the first meeting, to putting together an estimate, to final video delivery. Looking for a video production company to partner with can be daunting, but at Genius House, we want potential customers to feel knowledgeable and comfortable discussing their familiarity with video production, overall business goals, objectives, and budget. Below are a few common questions and an overview of the steps to hiring a video production team/ creating video content.

How involved do I need to be if I hire a production team?

Typically, projects fall into one of the following categories, or end up as a blend of both.

-Turn-key Production– A client comes to us with a need but prefers to avoid in-depth involvement in the majority of the production details. This full-service option includes conceptualizing, script writing, talent searching, and all production steps handled by the Genius House team. Communication with the client is consistent, but the heavy lifting is handled by the production team. Essentially, the client is able to choose which steps he or she would like to be involved with.

-Collaborative Production – Often times clients or creative agencies come to us with a clear vision, a finalized script, storyboard, and the ability/ desire to handle logistics and coordination of a shoot. We work together on many aspects of the production, but are happy to follow the established creative direction. Our high-quality production equipment, technical filming and motion graphics/ editing expertise are distinctly sought after in this scenario.

How much does it cost to create a video?

The costs involved in video production can vary depending on a number of variables including timeline/ turnaround, length, number of videos (we offer a bulk discount for long-term partners), voiceover/ music, anticipated shoot days, animation, and editing hours. This is why the first discovery steps are crucial so that we fully understand the scope of a project before putting together a quote. It is always helpful if we are given a budget so that we can make sure to work a proposal into that established range.

What are the steps to video production?


  1.     Initial Call / Meetings – Let’s get to know each other. At this time Genius House learns about goals and objectives of video project(s).
  2.     Project Outline Established – Via email or additional calls, Genius House is able to gather the expected deliverables, deadlines and additional details.
  3.     Estimate / Proposal – Genius House provides a quote for video production project.
  4.     Negotiation/ Contract – Genius House and client work together and sign agreement. For first-time clients a partial payment is invoiced up front.
  5.     Pre-production – Client provides branding assets, Genius House works to coordinate shoot, creates storyboard/ shot list, meetings take place to confirm details.
  6.     Filming or Animation work – Shoot day(s)- sometimes on location chosen, sometimes in the studio, or motion graphics done behind the desk.
  7.     Editing – Takes place at Genius House Media with check ins to client with progress.
  8.     Revisions – Client receives draft, gathers feedback, and sends revisions if needed.
  9.     Delivery – Video / videos are provided to client and final invoice is sent.
  10.     Video distribution strategy/ consultation is available to Genius House clients.


Free your mind. Hit Refresh. Clear your head. Do better work.

If you are active in the digital space, you are likely drowning in politics, selfies, competitiveness, and digital information overload. The nature of social media requires marketing practitioners immerse themselves in the crap, but these days, it’s simply hard for anyone to avoid. Just researching a topic or trying to keep up with current events can often lead a person into a rabbit hole of bitterness. This is why taking a break is a must, now more than ever. Below are a few reasons that everyone, particularly content creators, can benefit from taking off and logging off.

If you want to inspire, ignite and influence an audience, you can’t let your own light burn out. This may sound like meditation-yogi-flower-language, but it is not an alternative fact, period. Think about your energy on the first few weeks at a new job or the bubbling excitement when brainstorming on a new project. Ideas flow, content generation opportunities seems endless, a story is ready to be told beautifully through video, and there is an unmatched eagerness that has you ecstatic. After some research, maybe you see that a similar project was a fail, or realize all of the resources you are going to need, or you have a continuous battle with negativity at work. Over time, ambitions can sink and that fire in your belly can start to burn out. This is the fork in the road moment, when you either end up working on autopilot, or you take a step away, take a break and fill yourself back up. I repeat, step away from the computer, get outside, visit a friend that inspires you, and just live for a little bit.

Clearing your head does not necessarily mean leaving Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas or Columbus, Ohio, or wherever you are lucky enough to live your life. It means leaving your phone behind or removing Twitter for a few days. Let go of the perpetual political headlines and commentary. Forget about the newest innovations in your field for a little bit. Believe it or not, you will catch up. Clear out the junk from your mind, and let the big picture return and creative (not replicated) ideas flow. Once you free yourself from texts, calls, social media, and incessant internet access, brand new thoughts enter that space, and suddenly you have the energy to think deeply and begin to tackle your goals.

Get away and enjoy creating kick ass content, your way. This one is easier if you have the ability to get out of town to an awe-inspiring location (see below). But most important, it allows content creators to connect with their imagination and talent. Take photos, draw, journal, shoot video with your phone and a handheld stabilizer like the Osmo, but don’t make a task list. Do what you feel, but not out of expectation. Revel in these images and memories afterward, then share your observations, imagery, and the story. Whether you are technical or casual, philosophical or simple, be authentic and own it. Maybe it’s bragging, but we believe that the most innovative brand voice is the sum of the individuals involved in it. The interests, passions, and experiences of our employees, friends and clients are what make the Genius House brand.

Below you can witness the Genius House founders as they stopped, unplugged, experienced things, produced fun content and got energized to reach our 2017 goals:


Now we’re back to work at Genius House and ready to produce some amazing videos and content for your brand. Preferably in Hawaii?





How Genius House got its Name

Well it’s 2017, and time to face the fact that consumers are barraged with ads and content more than ever, and people are learning to tune out marketing. But as humans, we have always enjoyed exchanging stories with other people. Whether it’s telling them, listening, watching them unfold, or writing, stories have been a timeless part of our culture. That’s the stuff we are all about here at Genius House, chronicling and spotlighting through video and social media. We capture different brands’ stories through video as well as share our own narrative with behind the scenes posts and hopefully witty captions. After spending some time pondering this fact, an idea was born.

And with that, the inspiration for the new Genius House blog has now begun. Moving forward, this space will be dedicated to communicating stories told with personality. Folks may or may not want to read our stories, but I should add that writing for SEO is trending toward a more human approach, and also this writing style is much more fun for me.

So I’ll start with this one:

How Genius House Got its Name

A young Adam (GHM Co-Founder) and his energetic best friend, Grant (now a Sound Engineer + GHM partner), had been dabbling in production for years. To clarify: they loved to make weird, hilarious stuff with buddies. Parties were often transformed into productions, with friends assigned as actors and plots making less sense as the night progressed. They shot with camcorders and taught themselves how to edit, all while having so. much. fun, the way a craft should develop. Years passed, and Adam and Grant’s “films”, such as “Gnome’s Grove” and non-sensical horror movie previews were piling up and the need for a production company became a topic of comedic conversation. They constantly brainstormed, mostly by mocking the existing egotistic sounding companies such as Legendary Diamond Dreamcam Wizard House Productions and Goldenboy SparkleHouse Pictures. (Those are completely made up, but you get it).

Adam & Grant, December 2016 -Still goofin' with video games in their late 30's.

Adam & Grant, December 2016 -Still goofin’ with video games in their late 30’s.

Eventually on a late night stumble/ walk home in Grandview, Ohio, Adam sarcastically referred to someone from the bar as “that genius, Einstein,” and they looked at each other and agreed, “that’s it, our production company will be called Genius House.”

Years later, when we started Genius House Media, we asked Grant for permission to use the Genius House name and he was all about it, especially knowing we would keep him involved. Grant recently told us that he is proud that we could continue the life of an “inside joke amongst close friends that spoke to making a great product while capturing the essence of our sense of humor.” Well said, Einstein Grant.

The moral of this story: don’t take yourself too seriously, but do take your work seriously when you grow up, and eventually, you too can be a sarcastic “genius.”