A beautiful thing just happened on Twitter. A group of women with the common desire to empower each other while strengthening (or building?) the alliance between Dallas and Fort Worth started something called #DFWomen.
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Maybe right now it’s just “some thing” that is starting with a monthly lunch. But with the immediate support over a simple yet exciting idea from several of DFW’s brightest, it seems this will become something bigger.
The initial game plan:
  • Monthly lunch somewhere between Dallas & Fort Worth.
  • No agenda other than empower each other to reach ambitions, discuss challenges, and relate.
  • Enjoying yourself is required. Alcohol is optional.
  • Inclusive and evolving- Any age, profession, education, sex, etc is welcome. Feel free to share this group.
  • Respond below or email with ideas.
  • Respond below with your email or notify colleen (at) geniushousemedia.com if you are interested in joining the empowering monthly lunches.

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P.S. Thank you Sheryl Sandberg for the inspiration via Lean In. We look forward to having you at a #DFWomen lunch.

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