Free your mind. Hit Refresh. Clear your head. Do better work.

If you are active in the digital space, you are likely drowning in politics, selfies, competitiveness, and digital information overload. The nature of social media requires marketing practitioners immerse themselves in the crap, but these days, it’s simply hard for anyone to avoid. Just researching a topic or trying to keep up with current events can often lead a person into a rabbit hole of bitterness. This is why taking a break is a must, now more than ever. Below are a few reasons that everyone, particularly content creators, can benefit from taking off and logging off.

If you want to inspire, ignite and influence an audience, you can’t let your own light burn out. This may sound like meditation-yogi-flower-language, but it is not an alternative fact, period. Think about your energy on the first few weeks at a new job or the bubbling excitement when brainstorming on a new project. Ideas flow, content generation opportunities seems endless, a story is ready to be told beautifully through video, and there is an unmatched eagerness that has you ecstatic. After some research, maybe you see that a similar project was a fail, or realize all of the resources you are going to need, or you have a continuous battle with negativity at work. Over time, ambitions can sink and that fire in your belly can start to burn out. This is the fork in the road moment, when you either end up working on autopilot, or you take a step away, take a break and fill yourself back up. I repeat, step away from the computer, get outside, visit a friend that inspires you, and just live for a little bit.

Clearing your head does not necessarily mean leaving Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas or Columbus, Ohio, or wherever you are lucky enough to live your life. It means leaving your phone behind or removing Twitter for a few days. Let go of the perpetual political headlines and commentary. Forget about the newest innovations in your field for a little bit. Believe it or not, you will catch up. Clear out the junk from your mind, and let the big picture return and creative (not replicated) ideas flow. Once you free yourself from texts, calls, social media, and incessant internet access, brand new thoughts enter that space, and suddenly you have the energy to think deeply and begin to tackle your goals.

Get away and enjoy creating kick ass content, your way. This one is easier if you have the ability to get out of town to an awe-inspiring location (see below). But most important, it allows content creators to connect with their imagination and talent. Take photos, draw, journal, shoot video with your phone and a handheld stabilizer like the Osmo, but don’t make a task list. Do what you feel, but not out of expectation. Revel in these images and memories afterward, then share your observations, imagery, and the story. Whether you are technical or casual, philosophical or simple, be authentic and own it. Maybe it’s bragging, but we believe that the most innovative brand voice is the sum of the individuals involved in it. The interests, passions, and experiences of our employees, friends and clients are what make the Genius House brand.

Below you can witness the Genius House founders as they stopped, unplugged, experienced things, produced fun content and got energized to reach our 2017 goals:


Now we’re back to work at Genius House and ready to produce some amazing videos and content for your brand. Preferably in Hawaii?





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