Instagram Launches Long Form Video Platform IGTV

Hey YouTube, your newest competition has arrived. Instagram has just announced a long-form video addition to their platform, dubbed IGTV. The feature has launched as a tab within the Instagram app, and is also available as its own app.IMG_E0979D20776D-1

Instagram previously only allowed users to post videos up to 60 seconds long, but IGTV has now increased that to 60 minutes. This change is an obvious play to attract YouTube users and influencers to solely focus on Instagram instead. This comes on the heels of the growing frustrations from influencers of late with YouTube’s recent changes to their advertising revenue model, making it more difficult to monetize their accounts.

A difference at the moment between IGTV and YouTube is that Instagram will not yet include advertising on the platform, making it impossible for users to monetize their videos at this point in time. Their initial focus is solely on engagement. Instagram videos will also be played in a vertical format, making them mobile-user friendly.

As a digital video production company, it’s refreshing to see growth opportunities for longer content presented in an innovative and consumable format. For years the strong focus has been on micro-content for short attention spans, which can leave creative story arcs and beautiful details left on the cutting room floor. While we expect the short quick to engage video trend to stay, the IGTV platform gives longer content a home, even if it is briefly.

We set up our channel, which took about 3 seconds. What kind of long-form video would you like to see from Genius House Media? Parodies? More behind the scenes video? Happy hour with Adam? We shall see:

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